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Unholy Ghosts, by Stacia Kane

 Yup, I finally read it. This book has been on my self for a few months and while I opened the first page a couple times I never really started it - well I'm glad I finally did.

Unholy Ghosts is the first of Kane's Downside Ghosts series, featuring a drug addict witch and exorcist, or debunker, named Chess. It takes place in a dystopian (So many dystopians these days...) future where The Church rules the world with witches but, after a massive ghost out break killing a third of the population, God is not longer considered real by any and the knowledge of atheism is The Truth. She get's in trouble with her drug dealer and has to do an excision for him with Terrible, his head thug, for protection.

Reading the description, it really didn't seem like my kind of book, I don't know why but I never seem to get into the Witch genre, but since Goodreads kept suggesting it, I finally caved.

The first thing I noticed is the world building. It was very in depth and while some dystopians feel detached, this one felt very real. At the beginning of each chapter is an except from fictional books explaining the society and I really got into the culture.

Chess was a pretty good many character. She was likable but wasn't perfect, her addiction being a major flaw. Terrible is my favorite character of the series. His diction was very interesting to me and his character was very deep. I was surprised by him, because he doesn't seem like the normal main male and I expected him to just be side character at first.

My only real problem with the book was that it almost seemed like a harem. Don't get me wrong, I liked Chess, but she was also pretty screwed up but 3 hot guys liked her. What?! I may have hated the way Chess viewed romance, but that could at least be accredited to her personality, not a supernatural power to get guys (Sarcasm, I don't think I'd read a book with super seduce powers in the main chick... That's weird).

The story moved nicely with many twists and turns along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm excited for the rest of the series, thus I'll give it a 4.

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