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The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville

"She is determined to find a husband. . . now " 

Lady Diana Fanshawe's impeccable bloodline doesn't stop society from laughing at the antics of her eccentric family. She knows a "proper" marriage is her one chance to make her way in the world--which is precisely why she "will" marry Lord Blakeney, though she's certain she'll never love him. But then she's kissed by the brilliant and unconventional Sebastian, Viscount Iverley . . . and her well-laid plans tumble into disarray. 

Sebastian wants absolutely nothing to do with love or marriage. But when he arrives at his hated cousin Blakeney's house party, Sebastian is smitten by the tantalizing Diana. But Diana is "the marrying kind," and Sebastian has no wish to risk his freedom--though the passion between them is hard to resist. Should the lady follow her heart in an attempt to win Iverley's, though it seems hardened against her--or should she sacrifice her love for respectability?

 I was very eager to read the 2nd book in the Burgundy Club series, but I'll admit I was a bit taken aback when I found out it was about Iverley. For a men who was so hated upon in book 1, I was worried that, A, the character was going to be unlikable, or B, he was going to do a complete character switch and become the generic Mr.Perfect.
If there is one thing people should know about me, it's that my paranoia is most always wrong. This books gives us a complex and original romance between the akward, sweet, smart, yet perfectly stupid Iverley and the worldly, strong Diana.
This book, while romantic, didn't really have me at the edge of my but had me laughing off it on to the floor. I really like the book and would suggest it to other HR dorks like me needing a lighter read.

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Hi Brianna! I just gave your blog an award! I love your blog and I thought you deserved it :) You can see it at http://hookedinabook.blogspot.com/ Happy Reading :)

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