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Delirium By Lauren Oliver

Ok, so as a Mainer, I was desperate to love this book seeing as it was a dystopian in my home state, set in our only really "city", plus it had such a good rep. Delirium, set in Portland, Maine, is a story of a girl who lives in a world where they've learned to cure people of "Love" or even of feeling pain through a procedure when they're 18 to "cure" them. Cool concept, well written, and cool world - So why a 3?

First off, while everyone knows Lauren Oliver is wonderful with words, I just don't like reading a one page description of a hot day or a long run, no matter how beautifully written when. Also, I'm a fan of the finesse of show v. tell. For me the worst part of reading series is when they recount past events, but I understand it. In this book, it drives me insane when I hear the same sad story of Lena's mother for the third time. Yes, I remember that part, no you don't need to say it again for me to get the dialoge. 

Secondly, the characters where kind of bland. At first, I loved the characters but then they fell into being run of the mill as the story progressed. We had the classic pained, unknowing, heroine Lena with the classic, perfect guy, Alex. 

The book started off great, aside from the occasional, page long descriptions but then (view spoiler)
For those of you who don't open spoiler tags, it just becomes super generic.

Was it a bad book? No. Would I read it again? Never. Will I read the second one? I don't know. Not if I find an actual good book with in the next 2 hours.

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